Following trade and Customers’ demands for Industrial Integrated Services, Vector General Contractor has been formed on April 2013 in order to offer to our estimated Customers wide range of Services integrating Engineering, Project Management and Construction capabilities on EPC Settlement.

The initial idea was to offer EPC and PMC services in the Balkan Region and for small and middle size Projects, focusing on the priority needs of the trade demand, especially during general financial crisis and downsizing policy on Oil & Gas Industry:

  • Low Budget Services
  • Modern Design in line with International Standards and Engineering Practice
  • Challenging Deadlines
  • Elevate Quality Standards
  • Certified Services in Line with Applicable Codes and Certifications
  • Long Life Products and Services

On July 2013 and just few months after forming of the Company, Vector General Contractor has been selected by Major Oil & Gas Investor for the developing of an EPC Project in Serbia: Modernization of a Large Tank Farm.

The Tank Farm Industry actually became the principal skill of Vector General Contractor and the Company is providing EPC, PMC and Design Service for Major Tank Farm Customers.


Vector General Contractor utilizes only the most up-to-date software and methods in the execution of projects, in accordance with the contract. Vector General Contractor has a very wide network of international and local partners, suppliers and subcontractors, reputable and trusted companies each one selected and mobilized on projects as per specific competences in certain services and supplies. The Partnership Philosophy is the strategic settlement to be able to achieve the priority needs of Customers, as described above, to balance the work load and to execute projects in an efficient and timely manner.